The Flux Chair. The award-winning Dutch design. Looks like a giant envelope; turns into a designer chair. Simple.

With exchangable printed fronts for the ARC bar you can easily take a 10 meter long branded bar in an average car. When folded flat the volume of the furniture is reduced up to 97%. The flat products are easy to stack and handle.

At Flux they create foldable furniture like no other. Combining unique design, great foldability and brandability. The perfect blank canvas for your brand.      The fact that all products go flat gives  lots of customisation options.

Options to choose from are Screen printing - Embossing - Digital printing - Stickering

FLUX- Catalogue

Flux Chair Folding - VIDEO

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Some of ESTABLISHMENTS favourites

Some Images of the collection. For the full range feel free to download the catalogue or email us for more information. 

We decided to find out how many Flux Chairs we could fit into the MINI Countryman: checkout the result!